Studio Ravi (Ravindra Silva)


Mount Lavinia

When we photograph your wedding our aim is to record all the special feelings and relationships that make it one day in a lifetime.
In our experience the most memorable photos are those that record emotions, the warmth and intimacy, the happiness and tears and the special looks that say, " I Love You".
To achieve this, we take many more candid than posed photos, so that you have a wide variety of images from which to choose.
Of course we are not just there to take photographs. We use our experience to make sure your day runs smoothly and you are happy and relaxed from beginning to end. We want your happiness to shine through in your photographs.
Have a look through our site and let us know if we could be of help. Call us soon for an appointment so you can see for yourself. And do tell us what you want because it’s your day, not ours.
All the very best for your big day!

◘ Fully Equipped Studio  ◘ Digital Colour Lab (With Frontier 570)  ◘ Largest Studio Complex in Sri Lanka  ◘ Natural Garden  ◘ Three Generations of Professional Photographers
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