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Mount Lavinia

Gamini Chamara Photography

(Digital eye Studio)

We warmly welcome you for paying us a visit to view our creations when you attempt to leap over this hurdle which comes only once in a lifetime, and keeping love for eternity.
Living in the farthest end of an ocean of thoughts and filling your heart with eternal love, there's still time to breathe for that.
We know the value of that day in your life, from the front page creation to the last page in your storybook.
Despite the many photographs you may have taken using various cameras, on the day of this journey of destiny, both you and we feel the heart beat within you.
Due to that very heart beat, our crew and you become friends on that day even though it may not be our first wedding, because we know the value of every fleeting second of the experiences you face. That is why we take full advantage of time always.
Think for a moment; it's your day! That day will dawn and may end in happiness. Memories may also last for a short time in people's hearts, but what is most important than all this is the collection of photographs you get. In order to make it an long-lasting memory, we know that every passing moment of the day you dress in bridal attire and get separated from your parents to be alone in your new nest is important to you. That is why we capture the value of every second through our camera lens like joyful smiles, dancing, singing as well as your emotional moments because we know their value to you.
That is why we say that you should select us as your photographers; spend at least an hour with us to gain an deeper understanding on the creation of your storybook of that lucky day in your life.
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